Company Profile
Trademark Daito®
Founded: March 20th, 1937
Established: December 8th, 1941
Capital: Fifty million yen.
Directors: Koichi Kohyama, Chairman
Hironori Sakai, Director adviser
Masashi Tanaka, Director
Futoshi sugishita Director
Employees: 50
Lines of business: Manufacture and sales of materials for printing, office automation, stationary, and beauty industry.
Main products: Digital master roll, Duplicating ink, Type writing stencil paper, White correction fluid, Offset master paper, Permanent paper for beauty parlors, Color tack firm for use with laser printer/PPC copy machine & thermal firm ribbon, White & Transparency tack firm & Transparency (OHP) film for use with ink-jet printer and laser printer, Functionalized firm products.
Office Location:
Head office & Factory: Head office & Factory
  364-1, Oritate, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.
Ijira factory: Ijira factory
  221, Ohmori, Yamagata City, Gifu Prefecture.
Export Countries: 50
Our Main Bankers: The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
The Juroku Bank, Ltd.

March, 1937: Daito Paper Works was founded at Nagara-Heiwa- Dori, Gifu City by Naoji Kohyama, the former president. Handlings of paper materials and manufacture of stencil paper were started.
December 1941: The Enterprise was reorganized as Corporation with name of Daito Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd.
May 1943: The company name was changed to Daito Chemical Co., Ltd.
May 1948: Yankee type cylinder paper machine was introduced, and manufacture of machine made Japanese paper was started.
June 1966: Kurono Factory was built in Oritate, Gifu City.
June, 1969: The company was awarded by the Minister of International Trade and Industry of Japan as Export Contributor Enterprise.
February 1970: The Tokyo Office was opened.
January 1971: Head Office & factory were moved to the site of Kurono Factory.
December 1974: Production of Daito typewriting stencil paper in Malaysia was started.
April 1975: Naoji Kohyama, the former president, was awarded a Blue Ribbon Medal by Prime Minister of Japan.
January 1981: Production of Daito typewriting Stencil paper in Indonesia was started.
June 1981: Ijira Factory was built, where typewriting stencil paper are manufactured.
April 1982: Mr. Koichi Kohyama was installed as President.
December 1985: New building of Tokyo office was completed.
January 1986: Production of Daito typewriting stencil paper in Thailand was started
March 1987: Digital Master manufacturing plant was completed in Ijira Factory.
November 1989: “ALSEPA” won the Aichi Prefectural Governor Award at the Chubu area invention contest.
February 1991: Launched TACK FILM LABLE 5 pastel colors for word processor.
November 1992: The plant for functionalized firm products was built in the Ijira factory.
November 1996: Production of inks for type printing has started in Myanmar.
November 1998: Laboratory room was constructed in the First Building of Ijira Factory.
October 1999: Obtained ISO 9001 approval.
January 2000: The Fourth Building of Ijira Factory was completed.
August 2000: The Duplicating Technology Museum was inaugurated in the Main Office.
September 2000: Japanese Tissue products outlet, “Kamino Kura” opened.
March 2001: The Ijira Factory Garden was developed.
June 2001: The Poket Garden was completed in front of the Ijira Factory.
September 2001: A new line of Duplicators was introduced to the market.
May 2002: Mr. Koichi Kohyama received a distinguished award from the local governor honoring his achievement in supporting the ongoing development of the local economic community.
November 2002: The ISO 9001:2000 Advanced level was obtained.
January 2003: An extension to the fourth building of the Ijira Factory was completed.
A new digital ink manufacturing operation has been successfully implemented and is now production.
May 2006: The addition of a third Slitting operation was completed at the Ijira Factory. An NS Slitter was commissioned and made operational.
Nov 2006: The 70th Anniversary of the founding of Daito Chemical Co., Ltd. was celebrated in Gifu. Mr. Naoyuki Kohyama was promoted to President. Mr. Koichi Kohyama became Chairman.
August 2007:
Innovated a large variety of coating system machines for functionalized film Also, expanded clean room at Ijira Factory
Nov 2007: Mr.Koichi Kohyama, Chairman received a decoration, Kyokujitsu-Soukosho (旭日双光章) Issued by emperor of Japan. Mr.Koichi Kohyama approved his distinguished achievement who made a contribution to develop and keep indigenous Industry Mino Japanese Paper.
Jun 2011: In accordance with the revised Air Pollution Control Act, a new environmental control system, an RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) has been installed at the Ijira factory. The RTO will control the release of VOC which is a product of the use of organic solvents in the manufacturing process. In addition, a boiler was also installed which utilizes exhaust heat from the RTO after disposal.
March 2014:
Launched PITACON LABEL for Production Printer
November 2014:
Mr. Katsuro Wakazono was promoted to President.
November 2016:
Conclusion with Nichiban Co., Ltd. for capital tie-up and business collaboration