Company Profile
Trademark Daito®
Founded: March 20th, 1937
Established: December 8th, 1941
Capital: Fifty million yen.

Koichi Kohyama, Chairman
Katsurou Wakazono, President
Takao Hikita, Senior Managing Director
Ikuko Kohyama, Director
Naoyuki Kohyama, Director

Employees: 60
Lines of business:

Manufacture and sales of materials for printing, office automation, stationary, and beauty industry.

Main products: Digital master roll, Duplicating ink, Type writing stencil paper, Electronic stencil paper, White correction fluid, Offset master paper, Permanent paper for beauty parlors, Color tack firm for use with laser printer/PPC copy machine & thermal firm ribbon, White & Transparency tack firm & Transparency (OHP) film for use with ink-jet printer and laser printer, Functionalized firm products.
Office Location:
Tokyo Office:International Division Tokyo branch
  5-5-13, Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo


Head office & Factory: Head office & Factory
  364-1, Oritate, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.
Ijira factory: Ijira factory
  221, Ohmori, Yamagata City, Gifu Prefecture.


Affiliated companies:
・Real estate business: Rental Stores “SUN MALL”
Export Countries: 110
Our Main Bankers: The Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, Ltd.
The Juroku Bank, Ltd.

March, 1937: Daito Paper Works was founded at Nagara-Heiwa- Dori, Gifu City by Naoji Kohyama, the former president. Handlings of paper materials and manufacture of stencil paper were started.
December 1941: The Enterprise was reorganized as Corporation with name of Daito Paper Mfg. Co., Ltd.
May 1943: The company name was changed to Daito Chemical Co., Ltd.
May 1948: Yankee type cylinder paper machine was introduced, and manufacture of machine made Japanese paper was started.
June 1966: Kurono Factory was built in Oritate, Gifu City.
June, 1969: The company was awarded by the Minister of International Trade and Industry of Japan as Export Contributor Enterprise.
February 1970: The Tokyo Office was opened.
January 1971: Head Office & factory were moved to the site of Kurono Factory.
December 1974:

Production of Daito typewriting stencil paper in Malaysia was started.

April 1975: Naoji Kohyama, the former president, was awarded a Blue Ribbon Medal by Prime Minister of Japan.
January 1981: Production of Daito typewriting Stencil paper in Indonesia was started.
June 1981: Ijira Factory was built, where typewriting stencil paper are manufactured.
April 1982: Mr. Koichi Kohyama was installed as President.
December 1985: New building of Tokyo office was completed.
January 1986: Production of Daito typewriting stencil paper in Thailand was started
March 1987: Digital Master manufacturing plant was completed in Ijira Factory.
November 1989:

“ALSEPA” won the Aichi Prefectural Governor Award at the Chubu area invention contest.

February 1991: Launched TACK FILM LABLE 5 pastel colors for word processor.
November 1992: The plant for functionalized firm products was built in the Ijira factory.
November 1996: Production of inks for type printing has started in Myanmar.
November 1998: Laboratory room was constructed in the First Building of Ijira Factory.
October 1999: Obtained ISO 9001 approval.
January 2000: The Fourth Building of Ijira Factory was completed.
August 2000: The Duplicating Technology Museum was inaugurated in the Main Office.
September 2000: Japanese Tissue products outlet, “Kamino Kura” opened.
March 2001: The Ijira Factory Garden was developed.
June 2001: The Poket Garden was completed in front of the Ijira Factory.
September 2001: A new line of Duplicators was introduced to the market.
May 2002: Mr. Koichi Kohyama received a distinguished award from the local governor honoring his achievement in supporting the ongoing development of the local economic community.
November 2002: The ISO 9001:2000 Advanced level was obtained.
January 2003: An extension to the fourth building of the Ijira Factory was completed.
A new digital ink manufacturing operation has been successfully implemented and is now production.

May 2006:

The addition of a third Slitting operation was completed at the Ijira Factory. An NS Slitter was commissioned and made operational.
Nov 2006: The 70th Anniversary of the founding of Daito Chemical Co., Ltd. was celebrated in Gifu. Mr. Naoyuki Kohyama was promoted to President. Mr. Koichi Kohyama became Chairman.
August 2007:
Innovated a large variety of coating system machines for functionalized film Also, expanded clean room at Ijira Factory
Nov 2007: Mr.Koichi Kohyama, Chairman received a decoration, Kyokujitsu-Soukosho (旭日双光章) Issued by emperor of Japan. Mr.Koichi Kohyama approved his distinguished achievement who made a contribution to develop and keep indigenous Industry Mino Japanese Paper.
Jun 2011: In accordance with the revised Air Pollution Control Act, a new environmental control system, an RTO (Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer) has been installed at the Ijira factory. The RTO will control the release of VOC which is a product of the use of organic solvents in the manufacturing process. In addition, a boiler was also installed which utilizes exhaust heat from the RTO after disposal.
March 2014:
Launched PITACON LABEL for Production Printer