Daito Chemical Co., Ltd.ISO9001
To offer Low cost, high quality products and to satisfy the demands of the worldwide customers: this is the world brand, DAITO`s main concept. Various different climates and cultures depending on country and region have a great influence an such raw materials as paper and film. User environment for information equipment varies from country to country. Digital master products, produced to tolerances as small as a micron that have high printed communication, but at the same time they have a precise character. To meet these various demands and fulfill all customer needs, DAITO obtained the approval of ISO 9001, International standard for Quality Management System on Oct.1999. Our company has set up a quality management system to maintain and standardize the production in each section of the factory and business . Under this quality management system, we are developing our company activities from design to customer`s servicing needs. We have established a system under which we can offer all our products with consistent high quality all over the world by means of standardizing a long-term understanding of personal experience and intuition.