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Daito Chemical Co., Ltd. Printed Script for Dramatic Productions
Daito Chemical Co., Ltd. "Showa Dou Geppou"
Daito Chemical Co., Ltd. New Years Postcards
Daito Chemical Co., Ltd. "Soumen" created by Yasoji Wakayama
Daito Chemical Co., Ltd. Stencil Printing Plate Picture

Printed Script for Dramatic ProductionsPrinted Script for Dramatic Productions "Showa Dou Geppou""Showa Dou Geppou"
Printed Script for Dramatic Productions
"Showa Dou Geppou"
The printed scripts, or texts, for movies, radio programs and theater productions were created using mimeograph technology.
メShowa Dou Geppouモ is the PR magazine that was published by メShowa Tensha Douモ at Kanda, Tokyo from 1933 ミ 1937 and after World War ・ from 1948- 1961.

New Years Postcards New Years Postcards "Soumen" created by Yasoji Wakayama"Soumen" created by Yasoji Wakayama
New Years Postcards
Soumen created by Yasoji Wakayama
A large variety of New Years postcards were created by very skilled people that could be printed in a wide array of colors.
The first multi colored picture book was printed in limited edition of fifty-seven books.

Stencil Printing Plate PictureStencil Printing Plate Picture  
Stencil Printing Plate Picture
There are many techniques used in printing arts to produce pictures yet the Stencil Printing Plate Picture is one of the techniques used in the printing arts.
Many artists are actively using this technique.